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Materials List

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  • 16 X 12 inch canvas board or similar

  • 1 x Number 11 Flat Brush

  • 1 x Number 6 Flat Brush

  • 1 x Number 7 Round Brush

  • 1 x Number 1 Filbert Brush

  • 1 x Small Fan Brush

  • 1 x Titanium White

  • 1 x Cadmium Yellow

  • 1 x Pthalo Blue

  • 1 x Turquoise

  • 1 x Ultramarine Blue

  • 1 x Magenta

  • 1 x Red

  • NOTE: If you already have the brushes and paints listed above you only need to purchase the canvas for each painting.

Contact us if you need help acquiring the materials.

Welcome to our online Paint and Relax classes. 

As you may already be aware, our Friday paint and relax classes are located in Upper Kedron. While this is suitable for some, there are those participants who cannot get to our face-to-face class, such as those interstate.

No problem.

We offer online classes for those who either cannot get to Upper Kedron or just prefer to paint in the comfort of their own home/surroundings online. 

We still create a new work of art each week, guided carefully by Robyn, a professional artist.

Our online participants are thoroughly enjoying the friendly engaging classes, creating amazing artworks while relaxing at home. For many it is the highlight of their week. 


At present our online classes are held every Friday afternoon from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

Cost is $60pp 

Materials (see Materials List) are provided by the participant. (We can assist if required)


What Our Online Participants Say

"I look forward to my online art classes, it's the highlight of my week."


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